Dark and Gothic Tourism: Hanging Coffins

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Hanging coffins can be found in various places around the world such as the philippines and china. Those coffins have been placed on high cliffs and this is how they got their name, which i think is very gothic and unusual: Hanging coffins.

The hanging coffins are the creating of old civilization - the "Bo" people of china. They created three different types of them. Some placed on high caves on the mountains, Some supported by wooden sticks, and others just placed over a big pile of heavy stones.

Those gothic coffins are very beautiful from the inside, when archeologists first open them, they found there preserved body, with knives, bowels and the coffin was also painted in the inside with bright blue, white and red colors.

The BO people had a very unique burial ceremonies because they were a different ethnic group who lived isolated from the other groups, in away like the gothic subculture that is quiet different from mainstream culture.

The coffins that placed high up in the sky are considered as a good luck sign. The more the coffin is high it`s mean that the dead will go to a good place like heaven. Some of the coffins felt to the ground and this was a bad sign, the soul of the dead didnt reached to the heavens. This is a very different philosophy of the after life.

You can also find hanging coffins in the Philippines. The Segada people are also like to be buried in the sky rather in the ground. Those coffins are made by the deceased himself when he is going to die. and if he or she are too ill to do it by themselves, their family and friends helping them to create their own coffins. After the dead is placed in the coffins, there is a ritual where all the family dragging the coffin up to the highest cave in the mountain where the deceased join to its final place with his old ancestors.

If you will ever get the chance to see those hanging coffins you will be lucky, as they are disappear everyday by grave theives and ofcourse by forces of the nature. This is the ultimate gothic tour you will ever have !

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