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Possesed by Ironing:

It happened last winter. I was going to a gothic haunted house with some friends and everything was going great! I can feel the energy when I am getting closer to it so it was very easy for me to pinpoint where that house was.

So we got there, got outta the car and climbed up to the house. As we tried to get in, there was some banging on the door and wall, some "help me!" and then a window got broken. It clamed down and I went in. What I found was incredible, it was like I was in another time and space. Then it all faded away and what was left was an old iron and I brought it home, not thinking that whatever was in that house would hold on to the iron.

So for a few days nothing happened, then we started hearing a child crying for his mommy, begging her not to go. So I figured that the child had died in that gothic house, completely alone and that he was clinging there cause he had unfinished business. I finally started talking to him, I told him that he was dead, that he needed to go away, back where he belonged, in heaven.

Then the lights went out, came back on, and went out again. That lasted an hour or so. I finally decided to soak the iron in some holy water and to make it go away. I got my books on getting rid of unwanted presences and did what it said, I soaked it and 2 days later my house was free. Nothing happened ever since.


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Haunted Gothic House In Baltimore:

One of the houses I lived in was apparently haunted. The following occured while we lived there. The house was a 3 story rowhome as most in that area are. I and my brother shared one room on the 3rd floor in the back and my 2 sister in the front.

One night while my brother and I were in bed, my youngest sister came into the room. She and my other sister had a fight and she wanted to sleep at the bottom of our bed. So we let her, about 30 minutes later, my oldest sister went running down the steps screaming. When she got to the bottom she was headed out the back door when she was stopped by my father. She was white, having lost all color from fear and couldnt speak and she was shaking violently.

My father sent for my Aunt and a preacher. When they arrived my sister had calmed down enough to explain what happened. She was laying in the bed when a man walked into her room, he came to the side of the bed and stood there. She didnt think much of it for a second or two then it caught her attention and she was staring at the face of our uncle. He had passed away about 6 months prior. Thats what sent her running downstairs.

Shortly after my parents were having a party. A lamp fell over, someone picked it up and over it went again. Every time it went over, they would pick it up and over it would go. Everyone started playing like it was some sort of game. Then, while everyone was watching the fan in the corner of the room came on. My mother went over to turn it off, it wouldnt go off. Someone then pointed out that the fan wasnt plugged in. An attempt was made to determine if a wind blowing through the house had caused the fan to turn so rapidly. There was no wind, the party ended.

A few weeks later, my father came to our gothic haunted house from work for lunch. My mother and a girl who was staying at our house were in the yard. My father went to the 3rd floor to play on my brothers guitar. He was sitting on the bed, playing guitar and fell asleep. When he awoke he heard two women playing in the other room, he thought it was my mother and the girl. He called their names and no answer, he walked into the room, the bedspread was messed up, the bed was moving yet no one was in the room.

He ran to the back window to find my mother and the girl hanging clothes. Of course he panicked and ran downstairs, he took the rest of the day off, too shaken to return to work.

Not much happened, my parents sort of just accepted the ghost and occasionally as a joke my mother would call out to it. The following Winter, my father and I heard something in the basement. We went down together and watched as a brick was pounded through to our side from the neighbors. It was dark in the neightbors basement and no one was there. We waited and eventually the neighbors pulled up from shopping. The entire family was in the car.

Not much else happened after that, we moved and the new owner of the gothic haunted house decided to rebuild it. He hired to men to rebuild it and they were allowed to stay there while they did so. These two guys were just drunks. One night, in the dead of winter, they had torn the top of the house off to replace the roof. The entire roof was gone, they said they were going to start replacing it the next day. Instead they got drunk, used the roof for firewood and built themselves a little fire in a trashcan on the roof.

They fell asleep and froze to death. The neighbor found them both dead when they didnt answer as she checked on them the next day. I`m sure whoever lives there now probably has no idea what went on there or about the deaths etc. I`d be interested to know what they would think if they did know.


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Haunted In College:

When we lived in Michigan mt sister went to college. Instead of getting a dorm, she and 2 friends moved into an old house that was seperated into apartments. Anyway strange things happened started happening. Evrynight at around 7 PM one bedroomdoor would slam shut. As I said this is a very old house and the windows have been painted shut so there were no drafts. The door slamming occured evrynight. It was creepy at first, they soon got used to it and joked about their ghost.

One of my sister's friend was into seances and that stuff. So one night they had a seance. They audio taped it. Nothing strange occurred except the usual slamming of the door (heard on the tape). The next day they all listened to the tape. They could hear their voices and the door slamming. The creppy thing was that twice during the tape they could hear a bugle or something playing a short melody. This freaked them out, but they did nothing.

I dont know exactly how long they had been in the house but one night something else happened. It was during the winter and there was snow on the ground. My sister and her friend were getting ready for bed and were both in their nightshirts. Anyway, the door slammed as usual. Then one of them noticed that the curtain on one the windows was blowing inward. Like I said the windows were painted shut by many layers of paint. This freaked them out majorly. They ran out the apartment. My sister locked the door and deadbolt locked it. Then they ran through the snow and got it my sister's car. Then they drove down to where some of their other friends were staying.

They got them to come back with them and go into the house. My sister and her roommate were the last ones to enter as they had to tip toe back through the snow in their bare feet. When they got up their apartment they saw their friends IN their apartmant. When my sister asked them how they gotten in they said the door had been open.

My sister and her roommate moved out the next day and got a new apartment.


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