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The last drive in the gothic hearse car.

A hearse car is a funeral vehicle. The main purpose of this car is to transfer coffin from any place to the graveyard. The name "Hearse" came form the french word "harrow" - meaning instrument where you place candles on a bier. As the bier is being used to pass the dead bodies from place to place, and especially to drop the coffin into the grave hole, So this name become more and more associated with the funeral car.

The first hearse cars where actually carriages pulled by horses. after the engined car was invented, They start to manufacture hearse cars in a shape of antique ambulance. after all, those two different cars are very similar to each other: they are both big cars that need to carry a lying person. The only difference is that the ambulance hurry because its on its way to save life, and the hearse car can drive slowly because the dead man has eternity. T his is also why i dont understand how hearse drivers, given tickets for speeding at the head of a funeral cortege or in their way to the cemeteries.

Most of the owners of hearse cars arent professional hearse drivers. They buy, or renovated one only because their enthusiasm to this beautiful cars. Hearse cars are also called "funeral couchs", they are actually looking like elegant gothic limousin.

Its very hard to find a hearse car for hobbie purposes, but when you fall in love with one, you will be the most unique goth in the neighborhood. You might find some people who selling them: look at the classified ads in your local paper, ask cemetery workers if they know someone who want to sell it and ofcourse try to search for it in the internet.

Having a funeral car is not easy, the hearse car is very big, so you will have to adjust your self for driving a mini-van size car. Its also hard to maneuver in u-turns and narrow roads. and it will take a long time to find big enough parking space. But you are a hearse driver, the deads can wait.

By driving the most gothic car in the world, you can expect the same remarks as you get from people who dont like or understand the gothic subculture. Some of them doing it because they think that your are a real funeral driver, other will mock or look at your like a freak. The best way to deal with it is to scare them off. Tell them gothic things, like you love the smell of dead corpse instead the car air freshener, or that you are out for digging graves.
The funniest thing you can ever do is to tell them that you have a PhD = Professional Hearse Driver.

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