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They are lots of narrow minded people that think goths shouldnt be parents. And they also have crazy ideas, that something wrong will happen to the goth child. Basically you dont have to care about what they think or say, but you will find them all around, when you bring or take your babybat from kinder garden or school, and other social activities. So the best way to deal with them is to ignore their existence.

The fact you become a parent, doesnt mean that you have to leave your dark gothic lifestyle. First of all, parties and spooky clubs are not the only way you can maintain the wonderfull gothic culture. Gothic people can still admire the dark side of life in other ways.

When you become a gothic father or mother to a new offspring, you spend more time at your house, than in the scary wild places. And when you finally out, The kid often dont want to stay with someone that he or she dont use to be with, you need to arrange babysitter and worry that everything is o.k. with the babybat when you are away. all these calling for some understandable changes in you gothic lifestyle.

Do you remember why you decided to be in the dark path of life? it was your choice, that means you should not try too hard to turn your kid to a goth, let him or her to make the final decision. Find the ballance between the dark and the light in the offspring`s life: They can be very cute in black clothes, but have some other colors in their clothes, and of course it can very gothic if their favorite toy will be a ghost or monster, but dont feel offended if they like to snuggle with teddy bear before going to sleep.

If you are a non-goth parent, and discover your teenager is fascinated with the gothic culture. Take your kid seriously, the gothic lifestyle can be just a phase or a long time commitment. As a parent you dont have to agree with all the kid`s dark and weird clothes. If you think their clothes are inapproproate to some places ask them to go change clothes. Like every parent need to ballance the things their child can or cant do, so its the case with the gothic culture. You have to give them some freedom, but also to limit them with some issues for their own safety.

Being a goth doesnt mean that your children are gang members, worship satan, using drugs, want to make suicide, or killing people and animals. Understanding your kids, will give them the security they need to deal with other people who will use those stereotypes, to ofend your kid because the way they dressed and their believes. Tell your kid that there is nothing wrong in being outside of the mainstream, that everyone has the right to choose they believes and lifestyle.

Its also important that you will teach your kid how to deal with those people, in a nice and polite way and not with violent. Having agressive personality as a teen cant be good for the long term of life - goth or not. Every teenager has rapid mood changes in the adolescence period. all teenager fight and hate their parents during this age. So dont think they act that way only because they are goth. Help them to research the gothic history and subculture.

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