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Goth or gothic is a subculture usually identified by the fact that its members (goths/gothics) wear mostly black, and often dress "differently", for example, in long, ornate dresses, or skintight PVC or accessorising with punk jewellery such as spiked collars. Other popular items of clothing among goths include fishnet (stockings, gloves, tops, etc), long black coats, lace, silver jewellery, black band t-shirts, and large buckle or lace-up boots.

Often goths experiment with their look and can blend subcultures such as punk, emo, metal and business with their gothic style. There are many variations in how different goths dress, and no "correct" way to do it. It is common for caucasian goths to strive to have pale skin, sometimes wearing pale makeup, or avoiding the sun, but once again, there's always exceptions. Most goths wear a lot of dark eye makeup, such as eyeliner, and lipstick in shades of red, purple and black are popular.

Piercings are often popular among goths, and perhaps tattoos to a lesser extent. Gothic hair, like clothing, varies considerably in length and style, but is often dyed black, sometimes with brightly coloured streaks in it. Goths pride themselves on being different to the mainstream and nonconforming, and sometimes even being unique from other goths. They might see choosing clothing, accessories and hairstyles as artistic, and an great way to express themselves.

The goth subculture seems to have become more popular in recent years, especially among the younger generation. Stores such as the Hot Topic chain in America stock gothic clothing, thus putting a previously somewhat elusive, distinctive and difficult to attain look in reach of the young. Many, especially older, goths feel that kids who are goth just to fit in, or because their friends are, or because they could buy the clothing at Hot Topic are "posers" and are "not really goth".

Perhaps it is so, or perhaps the subculture is just evolving. In general, time separates those who are goths as a teenage phase from those who are goths for life. Due to the labelling of new goths (or "babybats") as posers by older goths, many new goths are hesitant to admit that they are goths at all, despite all signs pointing to it.

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