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Gothic Love Poem: The color of your eyes

My love, my dear,
I touch your cold flesh,
I kiss your blue lips,
and pray.
tonight you will come back.
to never leave again.

My love, my dear,
forever we promised each other.
Now, blood from the living to revive the sleeping,
come back to me.
To the gods of death,
I beg of thee!

My love, my dear,
your cold flesh grows hard,
your soft lips peel,
not yet, don't go!
stay here.
So I can see the color of your beautiful eyes once more.

Gothic Love Poem: Torture

Why must you torture me so?
Can't you just love me as is?
So sick of the treatment
I'd rather have the disease.

You beat me mentally,
it's really sickining.
Just put me down,
right in the heart,
here, I'll help,
I'll hand you the gun and show you where to aim.

How can you say you love me then leave?
To know the cure is heartbreak,
I don't even want to stand your pain.
Can't I just lay down in agony and sleep?
You are my wicked witch and love is the poison apple.

Why do you treat me like this?
I handed over my soul over to you
and now as my blood turns to ash,
to you I say,
I love you and goodbye.

Poems by Ursaminor

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