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The gothic music began at the 80s punk scene in the UK. This kind of music was the mental property of the middle class movement, which had a great value for the power of the words, like gothic literature, gothic poems and dark lyrics. These gothic lyrics are dealing with themes such as death, destruction, pain and love.

Nick Cave, one of the best gothic artist from australia, made great gothic songs about death and murders. In his best seller album: " Murder Ballads", he is using very deep lyrics in order to tell us morbid stories like a man who murdered his beloved wife and threw her body in the macabre forest.

She'd been stabbed repeatedly

And stuffed into a sleeping bag

In their very cots my girls were robbed of their lives

Method of murder much the same as my wife's

Method of murder much the same as my wife's

Those gothic lyrics can be understand as crime and punishment: Even though it was a perfect murder with no evidences nor eye evidence, the killer has deep agonized emotions that maybe someone saw his act. He cant sleeps at night, scared that someone will inform the police about his criminal deeds. But its not only the fear of getting punished, its also involved guilty feelings. The rain fall on his house is like the sorrowed tears.

Another example of gothic theme lyrics is the successful gothic instrumental band named The Cure. Their early sounds can be associated with the Post Punk tunes, long before they became heavily associated with Goth and other prominent Post Punk/Goth bands such as Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Their dark gothic lyrics also revolved the big dilemma of death: a man stands in the beach, and he has the opportunity to shoot another person or to let him live.

If the listener is not familiar with the gothic subculture, he will consider those artistic lyrics as evil entity that is preaching only for murder, And not as a way to express deep torments feelings. This is also why the gothic music in general, and the gothic subculture in particular is often misunderstood. Therefore wrong interpretation of the gothic lyrics can lead to misconception of the entire gothic subculture.

Another lesson we can learn is that the gothic movment, as a unique musical genre, hasnt been infulenced only by the punk movment, but also by its own listeners who interpretate those lyrical messages. Whether they came form the inside of the gothic subculture or out side the dark subculture, and whether their interpretation was right or wrong, they still shaped the gothic music as a genre.

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