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The sounds of gothic metal were first introduced to the world in the 90s. Its origins can be traced up to the morbid doom metal and the somber death metal, But with a little twist, As some reffer the goth metal music to metal bands with soft and sometimes very high female vocals. Gothic metal is where two different music elements become attached. The heavy tunes of the doom metal and growls perfectly combined with operatic female voices. Beyond the combination of polar voices, the rough heavy tempo of the metal is being mix with slow and romantic melodies.

The lyrics of goth metal is about fantasy and romance that connected to the dark side of life. And also each song doest stands on its own, all the songs from selected album, have meaning only together, when they are being played one by one and not separately. The first gothic metal bands in history are: Tiamat, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost. The first gothic metal song named "gothic" and preformed in the 90s by the band Paradise Lost.

Other famous bands like Tristania, Sirenia and Theatre of Tragedy, continued with the macabre style but they also added more musical elements inspaired by classic music and medieval orchestras. This elements opened a new sub-genre of gothic metal, named symphonic metal, which had a lighter tunes and assosiated with opera voices and music instruments.

When the goth metal genre was on its highest peak in terms of success, Non gothic metal bands started to adoped the gothic images. Which caused more confusion about the pure definition of the term "gothic metal", and ofcourse made a real debate about who is a real gothic band and who is a gothic wanna be or fake gothic. But on the other hand, it shows how wide is the gothic phenomena in every aspect of life.

A lot of the girls that were metal heads, all of a sudden started dying their hair black, wearing the long black dresses, corsets, fishnets and other gothic accessories. There was a weird combination going on between the metal and the gothic scenes. But aside from that, lot of goths who grew up listening to metal, got into goth metal music. They are also gothic people that never listened to metal, who came from rock, punk and even pop, to the great music genre of the gothic metal.

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