Moshing Dance

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Originally the term called "mash" but because the noises in the stage the public heared mosh. but the name and its pronouncing is not very inportant when it comes to violent dancing.

Gothic moshing is a special kind of dancing which involves belligerent moves such as pushing and slamming people into each other. Because the aggressive nature of this dance, most of the moshing activities doesnt take place at clubs, but in heavy metal, rock, punk and gothic concerts. Sometimes these gothic events deals with violent subjects, so its only natural that the audience will have the urge to release their emotion through aggressive movements.

When you slamdancing, you practically ignore everyone. You swing your body to every possibale direction, in order to hit every person in the area. If there is no one arounds to get kicked, you just run to the stage and crush everyone like in a bowling ball. Its much effective when a large number of people participate this gothic dance.

Some bands took action against the gothic moshing phenomenon, and even stop their preformances when the moshing has began. Today the moshing existence declined, As the audience became less violent and more interested in the dark scene rather that unfair violence in gothic concerts. Punk, Gothic and metal music never preached to much about being violent and this is why most of the gigs never got out of control.

The gothic moshers themselves also adopted a clear ethic rules to reduce the risks involve in this dance. They took care of each other, they danced in more control and if someone is on the ground they helped him or her (yes, girls are also into the moshing scene) to get back on their feet.

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