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I'm not particularly concerned with what gothic music style everybody is listening to at the moment, Rather, I want to offer some thoughts on the future of gothic music styles.

I can understand why gothic people want gothic music style which they can dance at a nightclub - dancing is the point of a nightclub, after all. But what people want to dance to is not the new stuff (not all of which is undanceable), but rather Gothic`s Greatest Hits (tm) or music that sounds a lot like gothic greatest hits. And I find this somewhat disturbing, since it's my view that this strain of gothic music - gothic rock in the finest Mick Mercer tradition--is coming perilously close to the end of its tether, if it has not already reached it. I honestly don't see that much more can be done in this line that is interesting and creative.

What are the available options for gothic music styles right now? They seem to me to be the following:

Gothic rock music styles: The usual suspects are to be found here--SOM, the Mission, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Rosetta Stone, Switchblade Symphony , and so on. Even after factoring in my indifference to rock music in general, this strain strikes me as remarkably inbred.

Gothic-industrial hybrids music styles: I'm not entirely satisfied with this term, but I can't think of a better term at the moment. I'm thinking of bands like Die Form, Das Ich, Rosetta Stone's latest, and so on. I used to think that this could be a creative strain, but now I'm not so sure. Part of the problem here is that the industrial music that gets drawn on here is industrial dance music style. That's good for getting gothic people out on the dance floor, but I don't see that it leads to interesting music

Ethereal gothic music styles: This drops out rather neatly into the 4AD-type stuff and the Projekt-type stuff. I happen to like this kind of gothic music style more than any other kind. It also strikes me as the type of gothic music that is most open to creative possibilities. A problem, though, is that it's starting to be perceived, not entirely incorrectly, as inbred and stagnan. Another problem is that, insofar as the gothic music that is popular is the gothic music style that can be danced to, it's unlikely to be played.

Gothic folk music styles:This is another makeshift term. I'm thinking of the World Serpent roster and related stuff. I happen to like this stuff a lot as well. It seems to suffer from the same problems.

So where do you all see gothic music heading? Are we going to keep getting more and more copycat gothic rock bands? Are we all going to go industrial? Or what?

I understand that in Europe clubs tend to cater to one or another of the types above, so that one can choose what gothic music styles one goes to hear. That's not the case in the United States - if it were, perhaps I would feel better about the future of gothic music.

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