Dark Night

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Night is often connected with evil and danger, because thieves and hazardous animals can be hiden in the dark of the night. Ofcourse the fear from the unkown is also come to live at nights, we dont see clearly and its like living without seeing parts of our world. this unseen gaps are also a special opportunity to see the magic of gothic life. They are also a gothic creatures that associated with the dark time such as werewolves, zombies, vampires and ghosts. Therefore the night is consider Gothic time for chaos, cause by devils, demons and witchcraft.

On the other hand, they are lots of gothic people who loves the night, not only because of the frighten images. An attraction and preference for the night or darkness is called Nyctophilia. A Night Person is an individual that his body tempo is such that he is most aware and active during the evenings and nights. And he is less active and aware during the morning hours.

There are also a great benefits when you are awake at nights as away of living: You can shop without waiting hours in line-ups, Surf faster in the internet without paying extra money! because the internet traffic is much faster at night, When you have a night job you may be paid more than a morning person who does the same job during the day, Everything else that surrounds you is much more quiet! so you get peace of mind at the gothic nights.

Common stereotypes about Gothic people who like the night time:

They are not insomaniacs, because they dont trying to get to sleep. They are very happy with their body tempo that is not scheduled by the earth time. Not everyone that loves the night is weird, but gothic is about being weird. And of course that night people are not lazy, infact they are more active than the average person who get to sleep at 8:00 pm after milk and coockies. Also the Nyctophilia is not about been criminal who just wait for the sun to go down in order to perform crimes.

Gothic Portalgothic portalPhilosophy And Mythsgothic portalDark Night