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You must face your fears (frightening and gothic pictures in your dreams) and not to run away, that the only way you can heal yourself from nightmares. You also can avoid nightmares by being more aware to little details, because if you ignore some little gothic image in your dream, here and there they will gather together and than hit you BIG time. Or in other words: if you pay attention to the small messages you wont need to pay attention to the big message - the gothic nightmare. Nightmares are your last chance to heal your problems in your real life. You can over come nightmare by interpret them and especially its symbols because the symbols are your fears. And of course you can cure nightmares by lucid dreams techniques - being aware that you in a dream:

First you must remember your dream: decide before you going to sleep that you will remember the dream and convince your self that when you`ll wake up you`ll remember it.

Other way is to wake up with closed eyes by make your mind that u will wake up in the morning with your eyes closed, and so when u wake in the morning with your eyes closed you see the last flash of your dream and than you go back and back and back to remember all your dream (and dreams).

You can also make a gothic dream book - write there everything you remember from the dream: symbols, pictures, sounds, words and etc... You can remember the dream even when you in the middle of your routine life, that why you need to keep the dream book next to you, you`ll never know when it will hit you. Dont forget to wake up slowly, its not a good idea to jump off the bed as soon as you wake up, give yourself a time to wake...

Clear your mind before you going to sleep by thinking about NOTHING - just white or as the gothic people prefer black board and nothing else. Other technique is to go in reverse about your day, meaning memorize what you did this day in backwards: what you did last hour, in the evening, in the noon, in school or work, in the morning, how you woke up this morning, what you dreamed last night and so on. you do this because most of the dreams` scripts based on what you did before you went to sleep.

Convince your self to dream the same gothic dreams you wrote in your book dream, because when you`ll be in the same dream twice, your brain will mark this place, keep your dream consciously and not subconsciously and than you will know that you are inside a dream. Have a gothic symbol. It can be star or moon or anything else that you like, try to focus on it before and while you dreaming, your gothic symbol will wake your conscious with out the waking alerts (the alerts that make you to wake up for example fear - makes you wake up, like in nightmare,noise around you, lights and other stuff) and make sure that you in the dream in one foot and in reality with your other foot.

Waking in the middle of the dream:
This happens when your brain operate the waking alert, to prevent this put an item next to your bed and gaze at it for a few seconds and go back to sleep. this works like the symbol in the upper section and than you continue sleeping with out cutting your lucid dream.

How can i know if i`m in a lucid dream or in real life?
The lucid dream is so real its use all your senses: vision, hearing, smell and even taste and all your feelings: love, hate, anger, happy - so how can i tell the difference? Well in lucid dream there is often paradox so, you should be aware of it and try to recognize this. Most of the time you dont see that paradox right from the start that why its so hard to tell where are you, give it a time finally you`ll find it. Chinese philosopher Chuang-Tzu said: "One night I dreamed I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, content with my lot. Suddenly I awoke and I was Chuang-Tzu again. Who am I in reality? A butterfly dreaming that I am Chuang-Tzu or Chuang-Tzu imagining he was a butterfly?"

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