Gothic Parenting And Normal Parents

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The idea of gothic parenting is quite scarey as is gothic nurseries. Our children should be allowed to make their own choises.

Looking different from the norm as we have we know that there is good and bad in all walks of life. Just because someone has green hair does not mean that they are a better or worse person than one with normal brown.

Surely our responcibility as parents is to bring up our children to be well rounded individuals, to instill tollerence and to do our best for them. Our children should be given the opportunity to choose if they want to be goth or not.

The gothic children tend to not shy away from those with green hair, or purple, or shaven heads. There is an inherant tolerance taught to those children from infancy for those with different lifestyles. Gothic parents are not your run-of-the-mill bible-thumping community. However, the majority of gothic parents I've spoken with, or heard from, also do not dress their children solely in black, nor do they neccessarily encourage their children to follow in their footsteps. Rather, the gothic parents teach them to be independent and self-sufficient. They expose them to issues they will have to learn to deal with on their own, and attempt to offer them knowledge enough to face the world with a good head on their shoulders and above all, tolerance.

Many goth parents are quite successful in their own rights, such as computer programmers, corporate goths, etc. who are able to offer their goth children a stable and comfortable environment. There are cities, that have put together "playgroups" for gothic parents and their little ones. They are a community of similar ideals and aspirations when it comes to how we wish to raise our children.

The gothic parents have all been there and done that. Most of them passed their goth teen years being immensely involved in the goth and industrial scene, and they can probably serve to assure you that despite whatever you're going through with your own gothic kid, they all come out responsible mature adults in the end.

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