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After learning all about Sophie's death and her association with the gothic community, I still had no clear idea what being gothic person was about or consisted of. I discovered that it originates from the punk scene and really came alive in the 1980s (Baddeley 15). Although, its roots can be traced back to a Germanic tribe, "who swept into Western Europe in the forth century to carve a kingdom from the decaying remnants of the Roman Empire .

As a result, the words 'Gothic' became synonymous with barbarism and the collapse of the Empire, which signaled the advent of the Dark Ages" (Baddeley 10). "The eighteenth-century embrace of Gothic, as opposed to classical, style was a self-conscious rebellion against the good taste and good sense of the age. In the same fashion, modern Goths who dress in impractical but elegant Victorian garb are not demonstrating approval of oppressive Victorian values, but contempt for brash modern aesthetics and an embrace of the nineteenth century's elegance and decorum" (Baddeley 11).

Today, being Gothic draws from a similar concept, to rebel against the so-called norms of society, to not be trapped within a wall of what is and isn't ok, and most of all to 'be thyself.' In this sense, a large part of being Gothic is to be able to be one's self and be accepted for it by those around them. The majority of the Gothic community consists of intelligent, peaceful people who know who they are and are happy and comfortable with it.

Some of the top cities in which the gothic community are more accepted within, including Seattle-Tacoma, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Houston, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; and Denver ( Boulder ), Colorado. Even so, they appear scary, odd, different, or weird to much of society, but are in truth no different then anybody else on this earth. They are human beings with emotions and thoughts who bleed and exist just as any other person does.

By: Courtney Lowe.

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