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I believe that Laureli is right, it is time that people open their eyes to what has been right in front of them, that they finally see the injustice happening to the gothic community, and that something is finally done to ease it or even end it. I think that these issues should be taken to schools around the world, particularly high schools.

If people are educated on the gothic subculture matters while their still kids/teens, it may make an even bigger impact on the lives of the youth and those who are targeted within. There is a biannual Whitby Gothic Weekend in Germany (Pidd, 1). It would be really cool to host more of those around the world, and to welcome those who aren't Gothics to such celebrations so that they can be exposed to and learn from those within the Gothic community.

What better way to learn about the culture then to talk to those within it. And I do think that widening the definition of a hate crime could be very beneficial in helping others realize the severity of the abuse some within alternative subcultures suffer, as well as offering a more solid form of justice to goths who are targeted simply for their appearance or choice of an alternative subculture. Gothic and those alike are just like every other human being and it is time for people to welcome them with open arms and open minds. I hope that time brings peace and unity between all human beings, regardless of their differences.

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By: Courtney Lowe.

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