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People who choose to be Gothic generally have made very interesting decisions in their life, and thus generally are very interesting gothic people. But I also respect the fact that Gothic is different things to different people.

Gothic people has the lifestyle embodying the philosophy of Existentialism. Existentialism is acknowledging and accepting and dealing with the painful issues of identity and meaning in my own life, and the dilemmas and anxiety and depression that their ambiguous and uncertain nature cause for me. Instead of running from them like most people do, Some gothic people embrace and explore their conflicted and painful nature.

Reflecting the gothic people`s awareness of their vulnerabilities and limits and their helplessness, I thus fill my living space with symbols of the ephemeral side of life such as dark gothic art paintings and sculptur), and my lifestyle is filled with activities like Gothic club nights and chanting and meditating in graveyards), which are part of my exploration of this side of my life. A lifestyle filled with dark gothic symbols and activities evocative of the dark side of life is called Gothic.

I feel like this approach to life enriches my life because I balance this dark gothic stuff with fun and entertaining and beautiful things. While still being aware of their ephemeral nature which actually makes them even more precious to me - because they could be destroyed any second. Thus this enriches gothic people`s life because it makes everything in life even more meaningful.

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