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If you would care to add this comment to your list of stuff for people to read about gothic people, feel free, it may shed some light on why we like graveyards, something most people don't understand:

While most people see a graveyard as a place of death and sadness, I walk through them as a place of history and like a sort of museum.

Most of the monuments in the older ones, Gothic angels, statues, even castle decorations, are often over a century or two old. They were carved by craftsmen who did not have the tools we have now and they tend to show a much greater level of art.

If you stop and read some of the inscriptions and put some of the story lines together, the history of the people takes shape and it can be interesting.

Older people who died may have been a sad thing, but there is more to the story than that. When you find the graves of men and women who died at high ages, they are often accomplished people who had histories behind them that were amazing. We had a writer and poet in the last graveyard I lived close to with a brass statue and a bio plate on him that told of the many things he had done. He had had a rich life by the time he got there.

To me it's like a museum, and I enjoy reading the inscriptions, especially on old soldiers and the like. That's why they are there, because they are being remembered for something they did.

Of course in the setting sun, the old stones also reflect an atmosphere of age and mystery which I also find enjoyable.
Just my views.

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