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psychic gothic

Why do you think people have and exhibit violence and prejudice against those within alternative lifestyles?
I think that mainly people are afraid of what they don't understand & it is alot of people's instincts to not like what they don't understand or dislike what is out of what they consider ordinary.

What kinds of things are you aware of that are being done to help stop that prejudice, do you take part in it, and if so how?
Yes I very much take part. There is a Organization called The Gothic Liberation Front that has people all over the word including myself working to raise awareness (in many ways) of this growing problem, we are also trying to get more laws passed about it, And protect others if we see attacks or unfair treatment to anyone of any subculture.

What other things do you think would or hope will help prevent or ease such hatred, violence, and prejudice against people who are of an alternative lifestyle?
If more people were aware of the brutality & hatred that is occurring simply over appearance, if more people would speak out about these crimes & show people that it is wrong, and most of all if more people would just accept what they don't understand or what is not "normal" to them & just co-exist peacefully as Human Beings. I think all these things combined would make a world of difference & make life alot easier for those that are different.

Other Comments:
I truly hope to see all this violence & discrimination stop! It is never ok, whether it is race, color, religion, clothes, ect... It is everyone's HUMAN right to be happy & live life the way that makes them happy. Getting tortured or basically sentenced to death by getting murdered simply for what makes you happy is the most hideous act that too many people for far too long have ignored. It is time that there be a change, it is time that people see & know that this is not right.

By: Courtney Lowe.

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