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There are many myths that Gothics are obsessed with death, are depressed, suicidal, and want to cause bodily harm to themselves or those around them. That is all they are - myths. Most within the Gothic community see the beauty not only in life, but also in death.

They accept it as a part of life and revel in both the light and the shadows. Gothics accept of death allows them to perceive it differently then those who fear it. Their association with cemeteries can be due to that perception and the fact that cemeteries can be breathtakingly beautiful and very peaceful.

Many Gothics do suffer from depression and self-injury, but for the same reasons as those who aren't Gothic do. Their way of life is not influential on those feelings and behavior, it is simply noticed more because of the attention being Gothic will undeniably draw from those who are perturbed by them. And, as different as they may look, the Gothic community as a whole does not wish harm unto others, in any sense of the word.

Most of the gothics in fact are of a diverse range of religions, from Christian to Jew, and Atheist to Wiccan, and so forth. And yet, prejudice against Gothics continues to exist and thrive. It has been hidden and not commonly addressed in the past, but Sophie's death has created a rising tide of awareness that cannot be ignored.

By: Courtney Lowe.

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