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Gothic means different things to each I found the gothic subculture in my middle twenties, back in the early eighties. Gothic people appealed to me because it sang to the artist in my soul. It was also a creative outlet for society rejection. You see, though I don't consider myself homely, society tended to shun me because I was not a beauty. I tried to find kin within my gay community, but they were so more into skin deep.

So, I listened to marvelous gothic music, attended clubs like Scream (great Halloween parties at an L.A. landmark. I created dark mysterious gothic fashion and gothic jewlery. The inverted cross was my favorite.

80's Gothic music sang more of a romantic type of movment. I loved and still enjoy dancing. I used to dye old clothes in various shades of gray and black and wore my over-size black trench coat. I loved walking to the gothic clubs when it was foggy out. It was surreal.

Now that I am soon to be fifty-five, I consider myself to be of a Gothic soul. I tend to agree with you, Gothic people are missing class, culture and sophistication. The other day I heard the greatest compliment: two college students noticed how I dressed (I still employ Gothic at subliminal levels). One asked the other how old I was. The other said "middle aged" (I don't look my age). The compliment came when one said "He looks gothic".

By: Marshall

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