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It has long been my belief that any subculture, or mainculture, must have certain tenets underlying it, creating a foundation on which something can be built. It's been said many times that hey, you can't define gothic, and I tend more or less to agree, which offends my ever-classifying mind. However, something underlies here is my personal, eclusive opinion on the subject. :) Joy.

The first gothic tenet is self-determination. You might see this as a freebie and standard with all subculture, the tendency to go one's own way usually being there. It can be easily noticed with most gothic people that they go as far away from mainculture as possible, and seek their own routes along the road of life. Take a look at net.goths, for instance. While many have had proper schooling, most have come to their positions or are getting there via unconventional methods. Also, most gothic people have a greater tendency then the mainstream to be independant of things, and free from the usual ties of humanity. I think, therefore I do as I damn well please could be the given structure. One might say that this holds as well with our mighty forefather, those of Punk....and thus the lineage passes down.

The second tenet of Gothic could be said to be cynicism. Note among our own newsgroup the level of jadedness and sarcasm that holds sway, filling the net with high levels of questioning of faith and ideals, examining issues from all sides, and dealing mass amounts of off-handed "Oh yeah, right, whatever." attitude to the messages of other, more naive posters. After all, examine our attitude towards government. What, -them- help us? Religion? Ha, salvation for -whom-? Mainstream culture? Since when did they know anything? We even apply our own jaded thoughts toward our own subculture. After all, weren't we the ones who came up with Goth As Fuck, and Oh My Goth as self-referential mockeries? We rest our case. :)

The last gothic tenet, as I see it, is Manipulation / Influence. I have definite reasons for this; most, if not all, gothic people I have met seem to have either an inordinate amount of influence in a certain field, or are able to manipulate people in order to gain advantage. Disagree? Notice the amount of politics, backbiting, and social mauenvering that goes on at your local goth club. You hate it, right? Can't stand it? But in some area of your life, I bet you do the same. If not, then I bet on at least one certain area, you can call up lots people and prolly get what you want. Whether it be anti-spamming, music, sex, yadda, yadda, there is something that you have and expertise in and can call in to bear like no other.

By: The Exiled.

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