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"Within the darkness of night,
Bring forth the black rose,
For thy morbid mistress awaits,
Hear the mortals screams as she wakes,

Her beauty shines from the darkness
within her eyes,
Skin white as snow and eyes dark as sulphur, 
Oh what I would give for her,
Just to hear her call my name,"

What I would give, 
For her to be mine,
I'd dig my grave,
For I want her beauty to be mine,

Oh what hath spawned 
that evil vixen from hells gate, 
But only from lucifers mouth,
Can her freedom be set,
She walks the path of darkness,
That will always be met,

She mourns the day,
And with the darkness comes 
her appetite to feed on human flesh,
Morbidity within her soul,
 and hatred for those who do not know,
Of the life that they could have,

Though darkness has claimed her soul,
She walks as though she doesn't know,
The end for her is near,
And it is truly clear, 

"Remember the days,
with the sun and it's rays,
when it shined upon us,
no judgement was passed,
and we walked free in the world,"

Is it true what they say,
There is no beauty without cruelty, 
Though to take her life from her,
Would be far worse 
than she could ever do,

"now we feel the pain of it all,
for our memories kill her,
and I cannot lose her,
for she is so cruel."

Her sins cannot be unmasked, 
For she is the devil within our thoughts,
And pain she seeks cannot be reaped,
From the minds of mortal men,

"as the night closes in 
and shadows lengthen across the land,
the mistress rises to take my hand, 
her hands as cold as death
and eyes as dark as dusk,
yet I can see the cruelty 
in her face but adore her musk,"

with all her beauty and flesh adored,
she took my hand and 
delivered the visions
of the life she has led, 
pain swept through my body
as I fell to the floor,
screaming in agony,

I saw her life through her eyes,
Felt the feelings that she despised,
And the screams of her victims,
For they hadn't moved from her mind, 

And from the pain she'd given to me,
I received an eternity as she was,
Damned and departed from the lord,
Not that I wanted to be of the light,

Morbid Mistress,
Thy Morbid Mistress,
Morbid Mistress, 
Thy Morbid Mistress,

My blood runs cold eternally for thee, 

Daniel Treuel  
gothic portal
in this world
am i here
taken by your stride
showing me to hide
away from what i fear

distorted images
are disturbing me
letting me see
what i will be
as if a reverie

taken away to see 
what had happened again to me
lifeless for the dangers taken
she was distorted in fragrent death

for the longer she kept
the longer they wept
at her body sinking into the sea
is this the fate for me 

never had i seen a thing of such grace
falling away from the darkness of this world
and hated in me
i should see
still i left her be

thrashing waves taking her
my loss controling my mind
i stood and watched 
as i stabbed him from behind

he'd taken her away from me
so i took a knife and showed him
the blackening world as he left this earth
and fell into hell unlike my kim

water blue as the sky
and filled with dangers
after the blood stained the sands
the water just restrained her

taking her final breathe
the light coming through the surface
no hand to pull her up
i stared at the water and saw the race 

was it me holding her down
or just me not allowing her to come back
forsaken to the depths of darkness to drown
she can never take back the crown

but now do i feel better as she's died
or just hate myself more
for i could have lived with the lie 
that she never actually loved me
and used me for what i could do
i gave her what i had
my heart and my secrets

blood soaks the sand
water floods the lungs
i shall never speak of this tragedy
of my love for her undone 

forsaken to my just like my tongue
for i let her know how i felt
so she went away with him
and all the blood spilt

cruelty spoken to me
hating the way she took away my heart
drowning in the sea 
is myself along side her
whilst we are still torn apart 

-Daniel Treuel  

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