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Lamentations of a Lover by Jason Curtis

To you lies are like phantoms, you can see right through
To me the colors you wear are wondrous yet translucent, who knew?
You are the closest it comes to rainbows at night
Is it a lie to say your multitude of colors are a mask for your paranoia, 
secrecy and past sufferings brought to a blinding light?

If I were to show you my true colors, you would see a world of grey
For you, I am ready to evolve, this day
Thus we are in two different dimensions unable to speak
We must break down the walls of our dimensions, with frozen tears I try, 
but its bleak.

Separating us, a fog filled chasm
A solitary raven crows in the distant church tower, long abandoned save
for the ectoplasms
The fog poisons my mind, makes me envious and bitter without choice
My ears bleed to hear your voice.

Water in the desolate stream waxes cold like needles to the touch,
sulphurous is the air of the night
Your unique beauty and countenance is magnified by the moon and starlight
Aquarius and Pisces are next to each other for eternity like Romeo and Juliet
Just like the water carrier and the two fish, why cant we be together
and avoid this regret?

I dream of you playing piano in the dark
Even one hair has a shadow, every part of you leaves it's mark
You live your life by lyrics, there are no words to this music, to this art
Just the melancholy melody of  longing stabbing at my heart.

An insidious mountain of creative pictures, you are painfully perfect, 
pretty and talented, the enigma
In hell it is said, flatterers are plunged in excrement covered 
in their own shit, their stigma
Am I just a flatterer? For confounding is your mystique,
but I think the truth I do tell
Dante had visions of hell, I envision never seeing you again,
is that not more condemning than hell?


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