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Dark Gothic Poem: A Crime.

Dust settles on the floor,
Footsteps, unseen and ignored
Mark the path of the shadows
That drift in between.
Mettle in a fire’s flame
Remains cold as ice,
The air heavy with whispers
That creep past bones that crumble.
Shattered glass sparkles on the grass,
Daggers to those who peak
Into the forbidden walls
Of something that falls,
Disintegrating, becoming ashes
That drift away into the wind.
Darkness haunts the hearts of those who stray,
Clawing at flesh and bone,
Crying out in hopelessness
As fear drives warmth away.
Desolate and empty,
The walls break,
Joining the broken shards,
So the captives may be released
From their cage, and their bones
Allowed to be found by those 
Who have been driven
By the stench of death. 
Courtney Lowe.
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Dark Gothic Poem: I Am.

Bone deep, skin deep,
Selfless, selfish,
Heart beating, glass eyes,
Bare truth, twisted lies.
A mirror, two sides,
A coin, heads or tails,
Choose a path,
Life, death, grasp or gasp.
Pain, shame, numb
Shield stripped away
Who are you?
An angel blessed or demon damned.
Wings- free and unbound, or broken,
Quicksand sucking you under,
Fly little one,
Unless you're a pretender, so fake.
Shattered surface, your soul
Screaming truth, a core
A truth you must know,
The sky or the floor.
We don't always like what we see,
But acceptance is the only way,
Maybe there isn't one place,
But a naked truth, beyond a simple face.
Love, hate, live, die,
Let your soul go free,
Chains will only choke you,
Let your heart lead, let your soul be,
Forever truth, to face the mirror and say
With pride, this is who I am- ME.

Courtney Lowe.
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Dark Gothic Poem: In Loving Memory of Sophie Lancaster.

Taken to soon,
By prejudiced hands,
Forever in our hearts,
Apart of the sky and land.
Your death will not go in vain,
Blind eyes now see,
For simply your name
Makes our deafened ears aware.
We can no longer ignore what was
What is, and what will continue to be,
We must step forward,
Protect those in need.
You are in the very air we breathe,
Urging us stand up to the very hate
That made your body bleed.
Your soul is not broken
And you live on in our hearts,
An eternal flame of hope,
To show are saddened souls,
Love is greater than hate,
Greater than any shadow that could ever take hold.

Courtney Lowe.

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