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psychic gothic

And then there was "The Goth"

The Gothic subculture are freethinkers 
The Gothic's have been well known to linger.

In The Gothic scene they tend to wear black.
The Cyber Goths occasionally hack.

Goths enjoy dark music, poetry and art.
Goths cliques form from society being pulled apart.

Some Goths have been featured in "Dork Tower".
It's a witty look at love, trust, and power.

The majority of Goths are very open. 
A lot tend to spend their time moping.
Gothic formed from early 80's Punk Rock,
being looked down upon from the Jocks.

Goth is a rejection from the public.
Many are just outcasts into the mystic.

Certain Goths like to dress in Victorian clothes.
Some people might have the notion their schizos.

Industrial clothes are big in the scene. 
Because they don't like you doesn't mean their mean.

Some Goths like to have piercing's for pleasure.
Some Goths are very nice and much sweeter.

Joy Division was the start of Goth Music.
To a lot of people the they seem drastic.

"Hot Topic" stores are for the Trendy Goth.
Some make clothes with different kinds of cloth.

In the night scene there are many clubs.
In doing their dark art some draw cherubs. 

Like Angel in Buffy they like to brood.
Angst to them is something a kin to food.

Cyber Goths also enjoy the club scene.
There is no dress code you can even wear green!

Nineteenth Century was full of Gothic Horror.
Goths have an understanding for blood and gore. 

A popular fashion is fetish clothes.
Some like to get piercings on their nose.

There are different kinds of music like dark wave,
Once your into the music your a slave.

Goths like the feeling of being pale,
It gives them the sense of being avail.

Goths are in tune with emotions and pain.
Though Goths feel more, in the end they will gain. 

Goths have a different world view and look, 
So never judge a cover by its book.

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