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Pogo is a special brutal dance that can be found in the metal, punk and also gothic scenes. The dancers forms a big cycle and jump aggresively as they push the other dancers acording to the beats of the dark music. Pogo characterize by aggresive and hard dance movements that includes shaking arms and legs in order to hit other partners. The violence can vary from little pushing to serious dumping on dancers. Although the violent nature of the dance usually they are special guidelines that prohabit keep dancing when someone fall and its also adviced not to wear sharp or dangerous items.

The first time pogo brought to the public was in the 70s in the punk concerts. This brutal dance considered to be anti disco. The term "pogo" came from the pogo stick toy, Because the ordanery up and down jumps that make the dancers bump each others. This form of gothic dance is also the first violent dance in the punk scene that later spread to other music genres like rock, heavy metal, power metal and of course the gothic metal. But it also the father of other "dancing combats" such moshing, the wall of death, pit cycle, headbanging and much more.

Pogo has a domino effect. One gothic person start to jump up and down and all the rest of the audience join him. The wave of pogo is also dengerous while people get serious wounds. They are some people who claims that this kind of dancing or acordining to them violent, only encourage more violence, and dancing is not an extreme sport like boxing or judo.

The pogo dance was "created" by sid vicious. and just involves jumping up and down in one spot (like a pogo stick hence the name). He (Sid) did it so he could see over the heads of the crowd while watching an early concert. Any slamming into other people or injuring them would be purely accidental. (unlike moshing where, it all depends on the person. I've moshed with some fun great people that pick you up if you go down, and i've moshed with people who's sole intent it seemed was to injure other dancers). Also siouxsie and the banshees initally came out of the punk scene in england in the 70's (well gothic is INITALLY an offshoot of punk.) She (siouxsie) would pal around with Rotten and the rest of the pistols in their early days.

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