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I made this website because i want to share the world with my knowledge and my gothic experiences with the gothic lifestyle. I hope that people who dont know what the term "gothic" means learned from this gothic portal, and also that the old-timer goths leraned few tips and tricks.

Gothic culture has one of the worst wraps of all the different subcultures but like all stereotypes about such things what is generally believed is far from he actual truth of the matter.

It's a place for friendship, a place to find similar minded people, a place to find refuge. A lot of goths who stick at it for the long term are people who have always struggled to fit in well with those around them, a lot are bullied at school. But when they found there way into the culture they where able to find themselves and to become more confident, it is also a good way for them to hide themselves from people they would much rather ignore. As one such goth said " i found the best way to be ignored by those i didn't want to talk to was to put on a big persona and walk on by and let them only see that persona." Goth is one of the most excepting cultures and of course there are certain things in common between them but there is no rules and no guidelines that must be adhered to.

The Gothic Portal, looking always for new information about the dark gothic subculture so if you can contribute in any way, please contact me.

Special Thanks goes to:

Alejandra Feldthouse
Daniel Treuel
marina tanaka
Rohan Watson

If You have been forgotten in the gothic credit list please let me know.

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