Dark Gothic Dances

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Gothic Bellydance - Also known as "Raks Gothique", It`s an exotic form of art, that combine dark and mysterious elements of the gothic subculture, with middle east exotic culture.

Gothic Dance Movements - Be the best gothic dancer in the hood, learn some dark moves that will crown you as the most creepy dancer. not recommended for shy goths.

The Wall Of Death - Community and a very violent dance, that takes place at gothic and metal festivals. Several deaths and casualties caused by this dangerous dance every time its performed.

Moshing Dance - Is a special kind of dancing that usually take place at heavy metal, rock, punk and gothic concerts. Its involves belligerent moves, such as pushing and slamming people into each other.

Pogo Dance - Characterized by aggresive and hard dance movements, that aimed to hit other dance partners. The dancers forms a big cycle and jump aggresively as they push the other dancers acording to the beats of the mysterious music.

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