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Gothic History - Goth, to an extent, has always been used to describe things that don't fit too well within society. Like the old germanic tribes, Gothic architecture, Gothic music and the current gothic subculture.

Gothic Subculture And Goths - has been shown as evil people and violent, but this is not the case. Society is afraid of what they don't understand and so they come up with labels for those goths.

Gothic Types - They are so many ways to lives in the shadows. The different types of gothic people, emphasizes the different ways to define the gothic world.

How I Became Gothic - Instead of running away from my darkest fears I started to explore them. In order to do so i needed to become the fear itself, and this is how i begun to enjoy the mystery of the dark kingdom.

How Others Become Gothics - Real gothic people talking about their First gothic experiences and the dark way of life. Gothic subculture page 2, Gothic experiences page 3, Gothic experiences page 4.

How You Can Be Gothic - Basic gothic look and attitude. But if it makes you feel like a goth than after some time you can be a goth. In other words: Wearing the darkness from the inside out. Please read my view about gothic stereotypes before you use this information.

Gothic Stereotypes - Our society use stereotypes in order to label goths and to distance form them. Most of the gothic stereotypes are results from fear, hate and ignorance.

Gothic Subculture Scene - Is gothic subculture today the same as it was a few years ago? Or is it the same as it ever was?

Gothic Scene - The gothic scene subculture was once a fairly specific style or aesthetic within a more varied and mixed 'alternative' scene.

Visigoths Gothic History - Both the Celts and the Visigoths "ransacked" Rome at different points in History and so didn't exactly endear themselves to the Roman heirachy.

Define Gothic definition - I tried to explain to people what is the define Gothic definition and most of them didn't understood it completely.

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