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Gothic Music - The "gothic" tag was attributed to certain post-punk bands that began to have a gloomier or spookier edge to their nihilism. Unfortunately the tag has not only stuck but has been stuck onto everything that contains ertain elements in the music or appearance of a band, no matter how shallow.

Gothic Metal Music - The sounds of gothic metal were first introduced to the world in the 90s. Its origins can be traced up to the morbid doom metal and the somber death metal.

Gothabilly Music - Its was like all the people who lived in the farms came out of hell and become gothic, or like the old american movies from the 50s have been hit by darkwave.

Gothic Lyrics - These gothic lyrics are dealing with themes such as death, destruction, pain and love, which express great value for the power of the words.

Gothic Music Styles - I want to offer some thoughts on the future of gothic music styles. Where do you see gothic music heading?

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