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Old Gothic People - You can never be too old to be a gothic person. even the gothic subculture is still young! it started in the late 70s, so the gothic subculture cellebrate its 30 birthday!

Parents & Gothic Kids - Do you remember why you decided to be in the dark path of life? it was your choice, that means you should not try too hard to turn your kid to a goth, let him or her to make the final decision.

Gothic Parenting - The idea of gothic parenting is quite scarey as is gothic nurseries. Our children should be allowed to make their own choises.

Goths At School - The best weapon against being persecuted for your gothic fashion is to earn your right to express yourself. Be a good student, do a lot of things for school and become more integrated with school activies.

Gothic Wanna Be - Goth Wannabes wear black clothes and heavy makeup to claim that they are real goths, but in fact they know nothing about the gothic subculture.

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