Dark Gothic Philosophy And Myths

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Full Moon Madness - The superstitions about full moon madness effect on humans and animals, have existed for centuries. They are many stories about increases in the number of accidents, suicides, violent crimes and babies born.

Gothic 666 - The number of the beast from the christian bible. Associate with darkness, evil, satan and bad prophecies that pervaded to our believes and culture.

Dark & Gothic Nights - Night is often connected with evil and danger, because thieves and hazardous animals can be hiden in the dark of the night.

Dark and Bright Sides Of The Gothic Life - Living in the dark side of life, like the gothic subculture has its price.

Gothic Nightmares - The nightmare is very useful tool that make sure we dont miss things in our lives or to avoid bad things. Its like a lesson of life and the experience is so scary and painful to shock us and make sure that we wont forget it, because if we do forget some serious dangerous can occur.

Gothic Reason Or Doubt - So you think your important now don't you? someone told you when you where a gothic child the most important thing on the planet is yourself? It's not true you know that right?

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