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The Gothic Raven is a carrion bird and is associated with death. As death, Gory battles and the like played a major part of the Early warring tribes of europe, so myths legends, and gods soon arose arround such a dramatic occurence. Ravens are also messengers of death, not only as an animal that eat carrions. They can smell the scent of death before a person die even from a big distance. In ancient times the crows spotted at battlefield waiting to eat the death corpses. It was also believed that the ravens carry the evil souls from hell.

This is why the gothic raven is mentioned so frequently in so many myths and legends of Northern Europe. It is even mentioned in early myths of Northern Russia. However another possible common demoninator is also the Vikings. The Ravens where seen as messengers of Odin, the God of war which is why they flew over so many battlefields.

How Gothic Raven Stole The Sun:

Perhaps the best-known legend on the Northwest Coast, and the one with the most variations, tells how Gothic Raven the trickster stole the sun - as well as the moon and the stars - and brought daylight to the world. The Haida people tell of a time when all the world was in darkness because greedy chief kept the sun, the moon, and the stars in three wooden boxes in his house. He would occasionally lift the lids and let the light spill out for a short while, but he jealously guarded these treasured possessions.

Gothic Raven was determined to bring daylight to the world, but since no one was allowed to touch the boxes, the wily bird devised a cunning plan. Knowing that the chief's daughter went to the lake for water every day, Raven transformed himself into a hemlock needle and floated down the stream. When the young woman filled her box with fresh, cool water, the needle slid unnoticed into the box and Raven was carried to the house.

The chief's daughter drank some of the water, swallowing the hemlock needle, and as a result became pregnant. Eventually she gave birth to a dark-gothic, beady eyed child, who grew at an astounding rate. He also cried a lot, mostly for the box with the bright, shiny ball inside, but the chief refused to allow him to play with it. Daily the child wheedled and whined and cried even louder and longer, until the chief could stand it no more and allowed his grandson to play with the ball of light - just this once.

Seizing his long-awaited opportunity, Raven quickly transformed himself back into bird from, picked up the ball in his beak, and in a flash of feathers flew up and out though the smoke hole. Higher and higher and farther and farther he flew, spreading light all around the world for everyone to enjoy. Then he flung the shining globe into the sky, and there it remains - even to this gothic day.

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