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There is a reason behind the gothic madness and a madness that the reason hides behind when it works out doing things the right way isn't always the right answer. We have reasoning do we not, the ability to think and to question that which is around us. What makes you more than that which is around you? I'm supposed to be an intelligent gothic creature yet my thoughts don't allow for me to be the human I supposedly am. I'm as I see it still an animal I might have higher brain functions and opposable thumbs but that doesn't mean when I hate kill and destroy I'm greater than an animal, less then really because animals live and work together, whilst nine times out of ten we do not.

That leads to that which we make, creation and its opposite destruction both things we hold dear. We create things... god's demons good evil and so many grey points to make our gothic existence something important. Funny enough my thoughts don't get go together like those of other gothic people I know the wires are crossed and the meanings are not always straight forward but all things considered I know they are there.

So you think your important now don't you... someone told you when you where a child the most important thing on the planet is yourself? It's not true you know that right? Try to think on it if you don't so much as look at your own eyes as actually try to think you will notice something really interesting. There is nothing there... sigh yes you will notice my lack of grammar but such is the minds curse that it only knows what its taught and I wasn't taught that part.. Now back to what I was saying. If you look at your eyes not in a mirror or anything where you can see yourself just look at your eyes...

How to do this... don't look at anything at all. If you look at your gothic eyes for just a moment you will notice your mind has gone blank. Does that mean in a way that for all the things we see in the world that we are for all intensive purposes blind to it??? I can honestly say I've seen the nothingness that is looking at my eyes... its pure blank.

But you see the world don't you? At least the parts you want to see? Sometimes I see with my eyes open and other times I turn them off it's a choice! You can choose not to see you know seeing isn't everything either. Listen with your ears it adds to your vision taste also touch everything adds to the overall visual experience.

So really in the grand scheme of things you know there is a reason for your existence even the lowest forms of life living in the world places in the world live still, it might not be much and even if it's merely living to survive your still doing it, accept for those who give up and commit suicide.

Is it up yourself to think your special? To think that hey I have a purpose or to think I'm going to make something of yourself. Why do we have these urges some people strive to achieve some just exist. It's amazing to see who becomes what and what becomes who.

But it's all an issue of your mentality which I get into next and also one of why the hell you came to those conclusions in the damned first place sanity is over rated gothic people can be told they are insane and are worthy of nothing yet rise to achieve the world sometimes reason is wrong, funny that I was told by reasonable gothic people I would amount to nothing. But by not allowing reason to guide me and being a little insane I'm here now writing this.

But I've spoken so much on reasoning even the lack of it but doubt is another gothic creature which for all its bad notions can sometimes be a total life saver. Sometimes things aren't all sweet and dandy, bad things come up and sometimes things aren't as they seem. Hence doubt is a delightful device if we know how to listen to it.

By: The Fallen One

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