Gothic Scene Subculture Part 2

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psychic gothic

The gothic scene subculture was once a fairly specific style or aesthetic within a more varied and mixed 'alternative' scene. In the late 80s, there weren't gothic clubs as such, around here at least, but 'alternative' clubs which had a mixture of people, fashions and music styles. Certain elements were called gothic - the horror movie loving, Bram Stoker reading, poetry writing, Bauhaus listening, hand nailed to forehead tragic thing - that was one fairly identifiable and named part of the spectrum. As far as i'm concerned, that's still what gothic means today.

Since then, as the gothic subculture has become more of a scene in its own right, the term seems to get applied to anything connected with that scene, and so it seems to be that things get called gothic because they're associated with the scene even if they aren't particularly gothic at all. With the expansion of different elements that come under the umbrella of the gothic scene, i think it's reaching the point where the term is spread so widely and thinly that it's really starting to lose any meaning at all.

I'm leaning more and more back towards preferring the term gothic in a more specific sense, instead of as a general blanket term for a mix of goth, punk, beatnik, industrial, electro, fetish, metal and whatever else comprises the gothic scene.

As for the gothic scene itself, well i guess it's kind of like that mixed alternative scene from the late 80s, but with the addition of a lot of dance party and rave club elements. I guess the key for me is that it's good for the scene to have variety and to grow and embrace new things, but unless it's got a common element of that basic gothic aesthetic as its epicentre, then it ain't gothic, so call it something else.

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