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When you choose to enter the gothic subculture you automatically being labelled as a person who is not fit with the society`s mainstream. Therefore you must take in account that the other teens will bother you, use derogatory names, make fun of your gothic look and beat you. Even your teachers and parents will annoy you about your appearance and behaviour. So you might rethink if you really want to be goth at school, or you can act like a normal person in school time, and when the sun is going down becoming a vampire goth. Being a part time goth is a good solution. its like a person who love to rollerblade all the time, but he or she doesnt bring it to school. But if you do decide to be a full time goth, by all means they are some guidelines that might help you.

Some of the teenager will try to annoy and harm you. So the best way to deal with them is to ignore their existence. You will not change their views and believes about the wonderfull gothic subculture by fighting them. With violence you will achieve just the opposite. They will not stop harassing you and all their prejudices might become true, as you participate in a stereotypical game. The ugly nature of the human kind is spreading wherever there is a violence. When they see that you ignore them or address them politly they`ll go to bother the next victim. And also teacher, parents and other adults will not consider you as a trouble maker because their repulsive actions. The responsibility on this kind of harassments will be only on them.

Maybe you found yourself a gothic place in school to spend your time there, but you might keep in mind that its unsafe to be there alone. The goth-haters-gangs can try to hurt you when you are alone in the dark. so try to be there with other goths or non-goths friends. If you do encounter bad people in some dark places when you are alone, Run like a bat out of hell to a safe area or a public place. Only when you dont have a choice, you can turn your black gothic clothes to a black ninja clothes and fight them.

Tell yout parents about the gothic culture. The dark culture is a very wide topic and covers lots of aspects, views, philosophy, fashion, art and much more. Open conversation with your parents, will reduce the concerns about negative influences such as drugs, death and criminal actives. You dont have to be the ambassador of gothland, but most of the people do fear from the gothic subculture, mainly because they dont know much about it, and the media is also labelling the dark culture as evil and dangerous especially for teens.

It is very hard to be fashionable goth when your school have dressing code. First look in your school`s handbook at the actual dress code. May be you will find there loopholes or inexplicit rules that will help you to modify your school clothes to more gothic style. keep your gothic clothes subtle - a little black liner on the inner rim of the eye, a few pins on your blazer, a pyramid stud belt peeking out from under your shirt, or one dark purple streak in your hair.

The best weapon against being persecuted for your gothic fashion is to earn your right to express yourself. Be a good student, do a lot of things for school like decorating for halloween, writing for the literary magazine, and become more integrated with school activies.

I hope you will have a great gothic school years.

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