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While it has become a bit of a stereotype, it is fair to say that a lot of goths are "morbidly inclined", that is, they are interested in death or "creepy things". This does not mean they are depressed, but rather fascinated by death, and often have a mature and worry outlook to the fate that awaits us all.

Of course, this is not always the case, but is very common - for instance, goths might carry coffin-shaped bags, visit cemeteries, enjoy dark humour, wear spider-web gloves, or even attempt to look a bit dead themselves. Many goths are artistic and enjoy artistic pursuits such as writing poetry, drawing, painting, making their own clothes and making music. Often the work of these gothic artists is dark in nature, but there's always variety.

The stereotype of goths as depressed, suicidal or self-harming is just that - a stereotype - that does not accurately reflect the majority of goths. Of course there will be goths with depression, but there is a high rate of depression among people anyway. Our society stopped burning witches hundreds years ago, Yet today`s mainstream culture is much elegant and use stereotypes in order to label goths and to blame them as the cause all the evil in the world. Most of the gothic stereotypes are results from fear and ignorance.

Here is some of the best gothic subculture stereotypes:

Vampires drinking blood Depressed Wear only black Fascinated by death Freaks of nature
Drug users
Evil witches
Full of make-up
Listen to the same music
Tattooed and pierced all over
Try to scare everyone

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