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Everyone has a different view of what a Gothic subculture is. Some of the views are bad. Some of the views are good. It's hard to say exactly what a Goth is, but there are a few common factors.

Gothic is being about to love or be a part of the darkness in life. It's something out of the normal points of view, dress or ways of thinking. You don't have to wear black clothing or white make-up to be Goth, you can were bright colours, but if you appreciate the music, the art, and a part of the gothic subculture, and you could very well be Goth.

There are so many types within the subculture that its hard to tell who is exactly a Goth and who is not. We take a person who wears all black and black make-up to be Goth. We take the people who have piercings and coloured hair to be Goth. I've learned that it's up to the person themselves to decide whether they are Goth or not. No one has the right to label others, to tell them what or who they are. Ultragoths label most teens as weekenders or baby bats, but they at one point were young.

Most Goths have been pushed out of mainstream society. People shun them, make it so they must hang together to socialize. The Gothic subculture has been shown as evil people, violent, but it's not so. Society is afraid of what they don't care to understand and so they come up with labels for those people. The Rivetheads, Ravers and Mansonites have been pushed into the same category as the Goths. It's made it hard to show people what Goths are really like. Older Goths, people over the age of 20 hate how the Gothic Scene has changed the way it has. Even within the subculture Goths label other Goths, sneer at them, and force them into even smaller groups.

"The scene today has come down to this. Conformity to non-conformity. You have to go the right clubs, listen to the right bands, wear the right things and talk about certain things to be a Goth. For some it's an excuse to wear fishnet and vinyl and when people stare at them for being a whore they just make a big scene about it being because they're "Goth". It's lost the artful, intelligent actual culture part of the world. Most are out there to whine about depression or scare and get people's attention."

Thanks to Misstress of Deception.

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