Gothic Subculture Scene Part 1

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Is gothic subculture today the same as it was a few years ago? Or is it the same as it ever was ?

I'm often wondering this sort of thing about the dark gothic subculture. I mean there was never really a golden age (or as i like to put it, the dark age) where everything in the gothic scene was perfect, but often i get the distinct feeling that, while i'm into more or less the same sort of things i was few years ago, for which goth was the best word then, a lot of the time i feel those things no longer match with what goth seems to mean now.

Whether that's just because the superficial details have changed (dance beats rather than Wayne Hussey riffs, pvc instead of lace) or whether the underlying character and aesthetic of the gothic scene have changed, i'm not sure.

It's very simple, people today don't have the faintest echo of a clue what gothic subculture is. Nu-metal has some cross-over or overlap with goth, but that doesn't make them the same thing any more than goth as black metal or rave just because they have some overlap with it. For all the understanding that the word means different things to different people, sometimes you just gotta draw a line and say "brother, that ain't goth". And it ain't goth because it's something else, simple as that.

Back then, if you said 'goth' or 'gothic', people either knew exactly what you meant or had never heard the term at all. Now, it seems to mean something different to everyone, possibly because the word's been put out there and bandied about indisciminately as a marketing gimmick, and possibly because anything and everything remotely connected to the goth scene or gothic subculture gets slapped with that label.

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