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A concerned Viewer:

I was just reading and going through your gothic website, looking for information on the gothic subculture, for I am currently doing a project on vampires and the gothic subculture. I just wanted to make a comment on your portion explaining to viewers of your site on how to be goth. Don't you find that your instructions on how to be gothic are just a bit stereotypical? I mean, yes, wearing black and "looking scary" may be a part of the culture, but isnt there so much more to being goth than just looking the part? Can you still be a goth even if you dont dress the stereotypical uniform of gothic culture?

I just found it odd that you even wrote that there is a certain way to act even when you are goth. Isnt being goth somewhat rebelling against the ususal rules of everyday boring life? Isnt it not supposed to be dictated, but more just a free way of living? Or do all goths have to "look anguished and filled with despair"? I just feel that that portion of your gothic portal website really surprized me because, I never knew that there was a manuel on how to be gothic. I just found it kind of insulting and terribly stereotypical. I was more hoping that your website would inform me on the gothic history and culture and be goth-empowering and not stereotypical. I guess I was just a bit disapointed.

Gothic Portal:

Some might consider those instruction stereotypical, but it is very important for me to show also the other side. And this is why i put this part before the gothic stereotypes section and after the gothic expirences which is much deeper than away of look.

Anyway i dont dressed only black and for me being a goth is more about my personality. Sometimes in order to break the rules of our society we have to play a bit within the social game. Myself and other goths that i know are pretty split, So its like having a double life, its a game i have to play when i just want people to leave me alone. Make them scare and they will not bother me with all their questions. in away you might think that i`m a monkey in a circus when i play to their hands but they will only notice it via the gothic stereotypes.

Also, lots of teenagers i know started been gothics only from the mainstream because they think that its cool fashion and music. After a while they might learn more about the gothic subculture. And the last thing, maybe there is a cultural bias and here we are doing gothic things differently. I`ll be very happy to hear from you again, especially if you will find away to make those "instant instrucation" less stereotypical, so other visitors will feel more comfortable to read it.

good luck with your research and if you need any help to hesitate to ask,

Goth bless you, Gothic Portal.

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