Gothic Subculture Story: part 1

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psychic gothic

Well, back in the dark ages, better known as 1992, a little, misanthropic gothic man would wander outside of his ramshackled shanty that passed for an apartment and get the morning newspaper.

This little dark man would have a name, but, unfortunately for him, he was a goth, as it were, so he had already changed his name twenty times, questing for a title that would appropriately fit over his morosely carried soul whic belonged to the gothic subculture. He tried "Dr.Spooky", but, for obvious reasons it didn't work. On and on came the names; "Mr.Evil","The Bone Master","He Who Specializes in None Too Pretty Rituals of an Unpleasant Nature", but, again, he failed. He eventually settled on Edwin, as that was his name in the first place.

Now, young Edwin was having one hell of a time finding meaning in his twisted little world that was in fact quite normal. He tried suicide but all he had was a butterknife, string, and a toaster, and that made home suicide a little impossible.

Edwin loved to go to clubs, but there was only one club in his town, and it was named "Big Eddie's Booty Barn", so Edwin deemed it undesirable and went back to sitting in his gothic house, which is where he wanted to be anyway.

Edwin had a job at the 7-11, cleaning slurpee machines and making sure that the Penthouses were always up to date, neither of which he admitted to to enjoying too much. He would sit in that store for hours, longing for some release.

One glorious evening, Edwin received a telephone call from another one of his friends, another goth, as it were. The problem with this guy is he was goth and always spoke in the least audible whisper he could.



"Oh, hi there Sean"

"hiss hiss hiss hiss?"

"A club? Sure. Where?"

"#*!& hiss $%*@..."

"Phoenix? great. Be there in an hour."

Edwin was very excited. He hated Phoenix as much as he hated his backwards little suburb, but Phoenix had gothic clubs, and dancing, and beautiful goth women, all of which he knew nothing about. It didn't really matter, though. It was goth, and goth was good.

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