Gothic Subculture Story: part 2

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psychic gothic

He went about preparing for the gothic nights events. He made sure his house was in order, fed the cat, and then prepared to GET DRESSED. Now, in Edwin's life, as well as many other goths of indeterminate number, GETTING DRESSED was the momentous ocassion before any ocassion, so he treated it with appropriate reverence.

He started with the underlying materials. He looked for his fishnet bodysuit, but realized the man at the Laundr-o-mat had mistaken it for the cover for his car seat and had taken it, so Edwin had to wear his black silk boxers with silver 'Angst's all over them.

The preliminary part of GETTING DRESSED was done with now, so he moved on to the skirts. They were all black, save for the poodle skirt, but never mind that, so he picked out a thicker material and placed the skirt over his body making sure that it didn't show his decidely non-gothic ankles.

After placing a loveable black silk shirt on his modestly frail torso, Edwin began the Jewelry section of DRESSING. The jewelry is as follows, to save time:

3 spiked collars

5 earings

4 chains of varying location

1 rosary

1 satanic symbol

5 hideous necklaces resembling an ankh

11 rings

2 large metal 'thingies'

1 Barry Manilow wig(well Ok, maybe not)

So, now it was gothic make-up time. Edwin had always figured that goth make-up went on a very abstract theory that any pattern that seems linked to the eyes was OK, as well as any color on the lips, other than red, was fine as well, so that is what he did.

Edwin, now fully equipped to dance, as well as mime, impersonate David Copperfield, or pose as a human representaion of a Picasso, went to his car and proceeded down the road to Sean's house. There was trouble right away. Edwin had forgotten a cassette for driving music, which is a direct violation of the Goth Code of Unforgivable Acts Against Gothic Living, and he didn't know what to put in.

The Robert Smith on his Cure cassette had finally broken down and cried and refused to sing anymore. The Sisters of Mercy cassette had regressed into Moose mating calls, so all he was left with was an aged Debbie Gibson, from those Golden Eighties, which he hesitatingly stuck in the player.

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