Gothic Subculture Story: part 3

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psychic gothic

Edwin arrived at Sean's house about half-way through 'Electric Youth' and honked his horn. Sean arrived shortly. Sean, as was aforementioned, is very gothic, and had long since disappeared into his clothing. All that could be seen of that which was once Sean was the forboding darkness inside the hood of a cheap Renaissance festival Cloak.

"Heya, Sean."
"Hiss, hiss, hiss,.....*&#(*&@(*&!!!"
"Yeah, sorry, it was the only tape I had."
"hiss, grumble, grumble...."
It was off to the club now.

They arrived at the club around 11:00. It had been a long drive and Edwin was anxious to get in and sit down, as dancing was done on a very rare basis. The gothic club was called "Ye Olde Towne Box of Death" and the line was considerable, as clubs were rare in Arizona. Edwin took the assembled patrons in line into account.

It was nothing out of the ordinary; a mesh of vinyl, leather, metal, and velvet. There was a girl crawling around on the ground lookng for one of her fangs that had fallen out. Two men stared malevolently at each other. Now that Edwin came to think of it, everyone was staring malevolently at each other. Either that or crying. He entered the club around midnight and looked for a corner of evil, but they were all filled so he had to settle for a table. Sean had somehow transformed into a corner of evil, so Edwin was left to his own means.

About one dance, or two hours, later, a lithe, young woman of no small beauty approached him.

"May I suck your blood?"

Edwin pulled out his wallet and checked his Gothic Bloodsucking Alottment card, found he had two sucking sessions left, and handed the card to her. The woman filled it out, took her copy, and sucked his blood.

With that done with, Edwin had to find his gothic tragedy for the night. He scanned the area, looking for some source for tonights overwhelmingly melancholy. He discovered that his skirt had been torn by a careless dancer and proceeded to succumb to raging tears. After about five minutes, anotheryoung woman approached.

"Parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, make-up, or clothing?"
"My skirt was torn."

The gothic woman then cried with him for ten minutes, hugged him, and bade farewell, leaving Edwin quite fulfilled. It wasn't often that such a quick response was delivered to the nightly tragedy He danced once more, and prepared to leave for home. He looked for Sean and found him, now a formless mist, floating aimlessly on the roof of the men's bathroom. He stuck him in a bottle and left the gothic club.

After dropping Sean off he made a direct line for home. If he didn't get home before sunrise, something really awful would happen. He wasn't quite sure what , but it was REAL awful. He ran home from the parking lot, looking very much like a nun late for services. Gasping for breath,he stormed through the door, just in time to avoid mornings's nasty rays.

It had been a very gothic night, and with such strain, Edwin barely had the energy to feed his five snakes and seventeen assorted rodents. Edwin was ready for bed. With incense lit and curtains draped safely over the windows, Edwin lulled of into a dreamworld of misshapen angels and distorted camera angles, content that the night had been 'gothic', once again.

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Thanks to: Myrrth

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