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Gothic people are the reflection of the darkness in the world. There are different Gothic Types that are recognised by Goths. Yet, the idea of different types of goths is not to label and to create stereotypes, but to emphasize the different ways to define the gothic world.

Romantic Goths - express the sensual world. Every moment is full of tragic in its passing, every kiss unique and lost in time. Only love overcomes the senselessness of existence. Romantic Goths are notorious for having very complicated relationships because of their high expectations. However, when two of them fall in love with each other, the result is a powerful and sometimes fatal like romeo and juliet.

Depressed Goths - have a giant burden on their shoulder. They choose the gothic life in order to hide in the dark from the rest of the world. They are very shy, quiet and live in their own shadow. Depressed Goths express themselves by writting poems, literature, lyrics and also in other artistics forms like painting and drawing.

Wild Goths - aren't exactly gentle and quiet like the Depressed Goths. They wear leather, bolts, buckles, chains, rubber and pvc. Their outfits suggesting an interest in weird bed activities. Therefore they are not into art, emotions and philosophy aspects but more into physical darkness.

Perky Goths - are people who like the gothic culture, But don't like the morbid attitude that most of Goths have. Perky Goths are the insanely happy and bouncy goth that smile and party in every aspect of life no matter if it's good or bad. Some says that they are missing the point of Gothic entirely.

Vampire Goths- inspired by vempires myths, they try to live in the nights and often wear cloak like a bat`s wings . some of them yearn for subsisting on human blood or lifeforce, But not all of them taking part in this bite and blood game.

Pagan Goths- Form of religion goths which pratice in wicca as sorcerersand magicians. They are fascinated by myth, spell casting, healing and secret rituals.

Glam Goths - express the stereotypical Goth image in they cloths, makeup and attitude. They do it only for the show off and considered wannabe.

Cyber Goths - like the new wave of dark music, They listen to trance, hard techno, industrial and ebm. Cyber Goths also interested in dark gadgets, electronics and computers.

Traditional Goths - are made of the old school, listen to punk, guitar based goth music and 80s music. Frequently complain about the new wave music. They have the traditional look of the 80s.

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