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Goth Wannabes wear black clothes and heavy makeup to claim that they are real goths, but in fact they know nothing about the gothic subculture.Teen goths (or as they called baby bats) - may be more creative than other children - as part of the penalty for feeling different, and not having any other good way for expressing that individualism. The "costumes", the make-up, the nose rings. the tattoos, or the blue hair, all that is superficial and can grow back or be corrected.

What's important is the ignorance and general vapidity of the kids and young adults and not only about the gothic subculture. Their lack of ambition and intellectual curiosity is scary. Their consuming passions seemed to be: what kind of tattoo to get next, and where, what band was playing last night, who had 10 bucks they could borrow. All of these is not the real reason to be gothic.

Dark-sider Teens and young adults sometimes claims that it`s like the music had sapped all their energy, taken away all their independent thinking, wiped out their ability to focus. More importantly, since as an adolescent you were listening more to your "friends" and the opinions of musicians than your parents, the messages they got from subcultural social groups tended to be severely narrow in content.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s Goth teens were not going to summer camp, going horseback riding, taking tennis lessons, listening to any other than the proscribed music, getting their Eagle badges from the boy scouts. It's very hard to communicate to young people how psychologically and culturally constraining these alternative lifestyles are when they are adopted intensely at a point when personalities are still in development. Barriers to personal growth are not good. They inevitably lead to poor decisions, followed by living in walk-up apartments in Brooklyn and jobs as dog groomers or receptionists in tattoo parlors.

It's one thing to have "contempt for normative bourgeois complacency" and it's quite another to flaunt that contempt and make it impossible for people to interact with you because they're too busy staring at your piercings. What's with self-mutilation? Like this is human progress? We're talking about stunted development here: a preoccupation with death, "the dark side" and bloody vampires at a point where you should be singing in a choir, experiencing early morning dew on the grass, and feeling what it's like to laugh uncontrollably at a funny movie.

So if you wanna be a goth, first be yourself.

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