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Till death keep us together.

The gothic subculture is all about alternative lifestyle, which is associated with being out of the dominant culture. Goths, as open-minded persons dont care expressing their passion to vampires, death, macabre art, dark life and ofcourse their love to each other in the wedding day.

A good gothic wedding ceremony has more than black clothes, its a combination of diffrent themes that rooted deeply in the gothic subculture, such as: mevidal and victorian ages, graveyards, vampires, faires, castles, ghosts and Halloween. Or everything that is dark, mysterious and dramatic.

Gothic weddings are more about two goths sharing their love, its also involves families and close friends. Therefore, you must be sure that you wont scare them off, after all they are your guests. If they are not totally devoted to the dark side of life like you, you might consider combining non-gothic theme in your beautiful wedding. For example: dont use only dark colors with all your clothes and decorations, the bride can be dressed in the traditional color white, use some candlelights so it wont be very dark like a bat cave. And generally try to ballance your dark themes with more mainstream elements, So even the non-goth will enjoy the wedding. Who knows maybe this first introduction to the gothic lifestyle will impact them, and you will be a guest in their own gothic wedding.

If you must have a complete gothic wedding, and you think your family wouldnt be happy about it, you can have two weddings. The first wedding will be mainstreamed and maybe little bit boring but will make your parents, grandparents and other members of your family very happy. The second wedding will be for your gothic friends with darker and creepier themes. It can be taken place at the local cemetery, in the dark forest and haunted houses. If you are looking for instant gothic wedding, fly to Las Vegas - the most famous city of alterative weddings.

Gothic weddings themes:

Mevidal and victorian ages - Bride wearing long and puffy dressand girdle. And for the groom a black tuxedo and long coat. Lots of chandlers the make dark-worm lights, combined with black-red carpents on the floor and old wall pictures.

Gothic Graveyards - The main color will be grey. Put some tombstones with the bride`s and groom`s names. you can also decor the room with wooden cuffins, and even mummies to add some yellow-egyptian colors. And ofcourse dont forget the hearse car.

Gothic Vampires - beside all the participants wearing black robes and white make-up, its a blood drinking party, you can use fake vampire teeths for the traditional kiss. You can also decorate with bats, full moon themes, and blue church windows.

Gothic Ghosts and Halloween themes - all creepy and spooky with a dominant orange color. pumpkins, skulls witches and haunted houses.

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