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Death Gothic Poem: let him bathe in her tears

polly is ill 
her stomach is swollen 
they all think its an infection 
i don't know what to think 
she used to be so pretty 
in her dresses 
they're all gone now 
the dresses 
and the ribbons 
somewhere in the drawers 
locked up 
and i spent hours 
gnawing and scratching 
all i wanted was to get back in 
to give her back her things 
and her parents sat me down and told me she was very sick 
and that she was going to die 
and i felt strangely calm 
and then i started to sob 
i locked myself in my room that night 
put a little sign on the door 
everyone was worried and i knew this because they were all banging on my 
door and crying 
and inside i was playing at trains 
making them smash into eachother 
and imagining all the people screaming and bleeding and dying 
and in that moment i saw lots of things 
the zillions of funerals all over the world 
all the bad people who hurt eachother 
because they don't see beneath the skin 
the banging was getting louder 
and their sobs were becoming screams and beggings 
and at the root of my spine, there grew a little tingling 
and as it climbed up 
and leaked out into the warm spot 
i felt them 
the eight furies 
her darling brother 
Amaterasu Susano and Tsuki-yomi 
his transcendance 
for he was pure 
and in the darkness i climbed the hill 
watched the inky black ferocity of the ocean 
and the bodies 
the air was crisp 
and unto it i spilled the waste 
my misunderstandings 

polly died on tuesday 
i visited her in the metal room 
she was wearing her favourite dress 
and her hair gave rest to the most beautiful ribbons 
she looked so pretty 
and i wanted to kiss her on the cheek 
or even perhaps the lips 
but they wouldn't let me 
and so now i place the bolt across my door 
lie under the covers 
close my eyes 
and paint pictures of her corpse 
touching myself as the wolves savage it.

-By Shattered Actualities 

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