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My gothic lifestyle began long ago, then the gothic education came later when I read about it and said "wow, I do all that". I drive a hearse car along with my gothed out 59 Ford, which has skulls for bolt heads, a vampiress picture on the dash, skull seat covers and the license plate says HAUNT 4 (yes there is a story behind that) and my mechanic knows me as Daywalker since he loves my hearse and the fact that when he sees me I'm usually wearing black, light eyeliner (when that stuff accents the eyes I think it looks great) and even a bit of jewelry. In the fall I wear a long black buccanneer jacket.

I also run a haunted house prop business on the side and have the caskets and trappings in the house. Actually the caskets are in the house because they are very attractive ones and I don't want them damaged. I take naps in one, which was bought for a photo shoot prop at the haunted houses and as a result it is lined in soft rubber and is very comfortable.

I started doing this gothic stuff before I knew what goth was. I dyed my brown hair black and lined my walls with posters of gothic angels and vampiresses. I go as far as having a fog machine and candles everywhere. A few non gothic people asked me why I behave that way, especially with kids, and I tell them I don't know, it's just me, I enjoy it and like you say, society makes rules for everyone to live by, and I ask myself the same thing. Who decides that a man has to wear a t shirt, jeans and cut his hair? I wear black jeans, and I love gothic angel T shirts.

I have had people stare, make comments and get scared, but alot of people commend me on having the guts to be me, not who I'm told I should be. One lady at the mall was so busy staring and looking disgisted she walked her baby stroller into a pole and tripped over it. She wasn't hurt, but I had to laugh.

Mike AKA Daywalker

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