Morbid Gothic Poems

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psychic gothic

Gothic poem: worthless nobody

no one cares,
no one wants me,
im useless,
a worthless nobody.
wandering these empty streets,
looking for what i know,
does not exist.
my hearts ceases to beat,
so i reach inside myself,
and pull it out.
i hold it at eye level,
and open my mouth,
i scream,

I  HATE YOU!!!!,

i throw it against the wall,
and watch it burst,
i utter a small chuckle,
and fall to the floor,
at the fact that,
im finally free.
free from the shackles,
that once bound me to the wall,
at last.
i close my tired eyes,
never to open them again.

Gothic poem by Victoria.

Gothic poem: death

I can't breathe
all i can feel is pain
the blood red sorrow surrounds me
i close my eyes
and a tear rolles down my face

i slowly begin to fall
the burning pain tares me apart
i fall into unconsciousness
Am I to lost to be saved?

I open my eyes
I still fall, nearly to my death
I cant die, not now
My insides slowly burn away

I am dead inside, living on the outside
forever destined to fall in agonising pain
what did i do to deserve this?

Gothic poems by Raven.

Gothic poem: lonelily sorrowful soul

He wipes his eyes wit his dishevelled hands 
as he leaves his make shift terrene.
the horror of his true reality unfolds 
as he realises his all alone.
In a silent world,overcome by unbearable smells,
their he dwells.
things unwantd by humam beings stare at him 
as he walks hopelessly
into the city's clutches in serch for sustenance.
loneliness gnaws at his soul,
inspite of his cries as he drowns 
in the flood of crowds that never lend a hand.
The settn sun cast shadows 
on his sorrows held deep inside.
the solitude around him
 finally blows out the candle of hope.
yet he stuggers bak to his dwelln,nd 
once again loses himself.

Gothic poem by lost poet

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