Gothic Night Gardens

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The gothic night garden is not only about mystery, fear and wickedness. Its about loving the dark of the night that combine with variety of colors and shadows. They are special flowers that blooms only at night even if there is no moonlight, other plants are scentless during day and wait until the night time to release their perfumes into the air. Evening is such a popular time to be in your garden, it is important to ensure that your garden will be a special place at that time, So you can stay with nature in this gothic time. When you building a night garden, choose a place that is most visible when there is no light. you can also choose a space only for night flowers while other area will be cover with day light flowers.

The moon flower is born to glow in thegothic night time, it open at night and stay open into the morning. Each flower last only for a day. Oenothera come in yellow and pink colors, and they are great for late afternoon till the early morning blooms. The yellow flower blooms first in the twilight and then the pink and purple ones blossom in the duration of the dark gothic night.

When building a night gothic garden, try to add plants that don't necessarily blossom only at midnight or release their fragrance in this time. You should also be aware of the blooming season, to extend the beautiful colors of your night garden. Historically white flowers werent the favorite flowers in the night gardens because they are too prominent, So instead you can choose silver colours for a night bloom that dont shine too much and also the pale yellow for more gothic feeling.

Gothic Portalgothic portalMysterious Gardensgothic portalGothic Night Gardens